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10 Insider Tips For Redecorating Your Home

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A home is your safe place. It is a place you not only create memories but keep those memories. Most people create an impression about you from the ambiance in your home however every once in a while it becomes time to revamp your castle, we put together a few things to consider when tackling this often daunting task.

The primary reason for redesigning a home is because you desire a difference from what already exists. It could be a slight change or a total overhaul. It is born out of the need to make the house elegant, cozy, luxurious, spacious, picturesque, minimalistic, contemporary, traditional, vintage or rustic. Which are all good and valid reasons depending on where your preference lies. So, it would be really exasperating to have a picture in mind but get a different reality after all your effort. It’s draining besides being wasteful when you consider the expenses, time and effort you had invested. Let’s not even begin to imagine the disappointment you will feel…it could be depressing. It is therefore very important that your expectations and your reality meet; this is going to be possible by doing it the right way. The right way begins with drawing up things listed below:

  • What is your overall expectation?

You should have a general picture in mind before you start this journey. Are you looking to totally remodel the house or just a minor touch-up? These are some questions you should answer by yourself before seeking professional advice. It is really easy to buy another person’s idea if you don’t already have yours. So, think your overall expectations through. What are your needs, goals, and motivation for redesigning your home? You may want to incorporate other people’s (say partner or kids) opinion while at it. Have an end goal in mind.

  • What are the things you want to change?

The idea to redesign stems from the fact that you desire a difference from the present. So, let’s be honest…what do you REALLY want to change? The answer is a great place to start from. You do not want to go through the hurdle of a redesign only to still have the things you did not like still reflecting after it all. Think about the things you want to get rid of, it will create room for the things you want to see.

  • What are the things you want to retain?

There may be specific things that define your home, you do not want to lose the essence it gives to your property. Take some time to think this through. When this is identified, it is important to work towards enhancing this strengths via redesigning. Depending on how strongly you feel about it, you might consider replicating this theme across different rooms in varying degrees.

  • What is the ambiance you want?

How do you want each room to feel? What vibe do you desire each room to give off? In what capacity is each room going to function? This has a lot to do with how much light comes into the room so, you might want to look at things like: the direction the room faces, the level of light that gets into the different rooms at different times of the day, the interior décor, artwork, and furniture. These are details you cannot ignore because they will have a great impact on how the redesigning will better reflect the impression that you are trying to give off.

  • Are your expectations realistic?

It is okay to have big dreams on the look your home will have at the end of the redesign but, how realistic are they? You do NOT want to be forced to abandon your plans halfway. It would be really frustrating, let’s not even think about the expenses that would have been invested. As exciting as your ideas seem, are they achievable?

  • What is your budget?

How much have you set aside for this? Even better, how much are you willing to spend on each room? How far will it go in achieving the look you desire in your redesign? Be honest with yourself, you know your pocket. Spend only on things that will reflect your desire design in an appealing way.

Your budget determines if your redesigning quest will be achievable or not.

  • Be mindful of sockets

A redesign involves moving furniture amongst other things. Have your sockets in mind as you do not want to block them except you have included new ones in your plan. It will cut cost though if you can find a way around retaining the sockets.

  • Ensure that your additions are on the right scale

Factor in the height of your ceiling as a very important detail for any accessories you may want to incorporate. If an accessory is too high or too low, it would alter the overall look you had in mind

  • Is there enough storage space?

If you realize that there is a need to create more storage space, you will have to take a second look at your house. You will find spaces that could be utilized for that which you may have missed before. Spaces beneath the window and along the windowless walls can be used to combat clutter by placing storage units.

  • Create space for your next level in life

You do not want to be redesigning every other year or as you enter every new phase of life. Your home redesign should be able to last for years to come. Before you start a redesign, think about where your life projections…where are you headed? What are your plans for the future? This is so that your home redesigns remains fresh and relevant with evolving trends.

Final Words

Planning makes you prepared. This is why I took the time to put these tips down as an aid for your redesigning agenda in hope that you will sit and draw up a good plan from them. Take the time to rebrand them to your style. A redesign is pointers to a milestone, you should have fun while doing it.

About the writer

Sally Kirchell lives in Rosalie, Brisbane and helps run an online personalised art business with called Beyond a Word, she is a mother of 2 lively children, a parent to 3 dogs, a keen writer, traveler and photographer and women that needs a holiday with lots of margaritas after juggling all these things.