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10 Best Modern Gas Fireplaces

More and more homeowners want to integrate a bespoke unit in their homes, to complete the entire look of their scheme. For some, it might be a grand bookshelf with built-in ladder, a high-tech media set, or perhaps a stunningly luxurious fireplace that was custom-designed to fit within an area.

Check out these bespoke fireplace designs that will surely gain everybody’s attention:

The Leather-based Layout

A suspended gas fire design can entirely transform a piece of furniture into a work of functional art. This particular piece allows an all-around view of the dazzling flames, which certainly adds a romantic vibe to the whole area. Just put some pillows and soft rugs over the edge to enjoy the warmth radiated by the fire.

Double-Sided Glass Feature

If you want to go for an extraordinary looking fireplace, why not go for something that looks like this. The layout of this unit features a large area of glass to maximise the opacity of the design fully. Double-sided gas fires such as this create an exciting feature for both sides of this vast open space, which then allows warmth to flow throughout the room continually. This design represents our goal; to create unique and luxurious fireplaces that would fit with today’s modern lifestyle.

The Multi-level Unit

To achieve that maximum wow-factor, opt for a spectacular centrepiece such as this one. Whenever you can, always veer away from the ordinary and make your own statement unit that would best suit your lifestyle and design taste. You’ll never fail to amaze your guests when there’s a multi-level fireplace sitting perfectly at the centre of your living area.

Stunningly Minimal

Another great design option for homes with large areas is a modern gas fire with an integrated 2.4m line-burner. A gas fire with this length allows it to be an elegant focal feature to this already sophisticated space. It can also be installed in almost any kind of home setting, may it be traditional or contemporary. You can also choose to have the fire-bed adorned with lava stones, artificial wood, coal, and even marble chippings for that luxurious feel.

The Oblique Design

Here’s an example of our bespoke fireplace collection. This stunning unit has a top section that extends all the way up to the ceiling, making it seem like an architectural art. It has been custom-designed to seamlessly fit between the roof and the floor of this room. The fireplace has also been sealed off with a sturdy glass to allow a two-sided view of the stunning flames.

Modernly Industrial

This particular layout exudes a modern industrial vibe. The luscious metal body is made from galvanised and engraved sections, but it could also be entirely made from blue steel, stainless steel, zinc, and even a simple sprayed finish to attain the look that the client wishes to have. This fireplace design can either be supplied with gas or wood depending on the customer’s preference.

The Linear Gas Fire

Most home owners want to incorporate a fireplace that’s elegantly slender, so it would fit in their media wall. This 2m linear gas fire has been perfectly mounted in this living space as the main focal feature. As an elegant design feature, the gorgeous flames come alive particularly at night as their gentle motion provide warmth and relaxation to the entire room. The dark side of the panels was an added style feature to increase the impact of this unit further.

The Glass-Fronted Wall Fire

To achieve a genuinely modern space, one can always go for glass units, and that includes the fireplace. This stunning bespoke piece cleverly utilised a tinted glass with reflective features and delicate touch of transparency that runs up to the ceiling area. The flames are also open on three sides, allowing them to be seen from all angles. All the materials used for this unit have been fully customised to fit the design details of the client.

Functional Space Divider

If your space doesn’t have enough room to install a massive fireplace, then why not go for a modern double-sided piece that could also act as a space divider. These units can easily be fitted into any interior setting as they are efficient and multi-functional. It offers high heat and warmth all day and is exclusively controlled by remote control.

The Suspended Design

To entirely go beyond the conventional designs that you typically see in today’s market, choose a fireplace design that suspends from the ceiling. You can always modify this unit into different shapes and sizes you want it to be, but this extraordinary design exhibits elegance and luxury. The sturdy glass that was incorporated in the composition provides an unobstructed view of the flames from all angles. What’s more, it also allows warmth and light emitted by the fires to flow throughout the entire room easily.

Be inspired by these modern gas fireplaces! These units improve not only the look of your home but also boosts the value of your property.



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