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10 Awesome Things You Need To Know About Cleveland Before Settling In

Cleveland Fireworks

Cleveland is the city of sports, spirits, food snobs and amazing housing. The suburbs house beautiful, close-knit communities with enough space to accommodate everyone. Clevelanders are known for their kind intentions of investing in the communities and make their city, truly the best for its dwellers and visitors too! The cool temperatures of the city may push you too wear a few extra layers and you may hear about a Snowpocalypse in the news but the citizens know that there isn’t a way out of the cold. Here is a list of ten awesome things that you must know before you settle in the coolest city of Ohio. We are sure that by the end of this article your first Google search would include the words: Homes For Sale In Cleveland OH.

Cleveland’s Worth Is Underrated

Cleveland has suffered a lack of appreciation for its growing economy. The city inhibits the best of opportunities for prospective investments. Multi-million spent on making Playhouse Square better is just one of the first of many major expenditures planned for the betterment of the city. Lebron’s return to the city has brought 500 million and more to the local economy. If this is not progress than we don’t know what is!

The American City That’s Almost Irish

Cleveland is the American city that has almost Irish population. Everyone has a few Irish genes or gestures due to the cities old history of St Patricks Day celebrations and parades. The city hosts ideal food stops that bring even the original Irish to question their recipes. Just the corned beef sandwichs found in Cleveland make its dwellers stay for eternity.

Italy Is Not The Only Best Place For Italian Food

While we’re still discussing foreign foods, there’s no way on earth that one cannot mention the scrumptious Italian food found in the city. Cleveland may geographically be a few thousand miles away from Rome but the distance has never stopped them from serving the finest quality and taste in Italian food. The Clevelanders are so used to the Italian taste of garlic that even vampires have vanished from their tales. Ohio’s Little Italy hosts a festival to celebrate Pizza too! Cleveland is definitely becoming our favorite city!

The C In Rock And Roll Comes From Cleveland

Cleveland is the home to rock and roll and there are no doubts about it. The rock and roll Hall of fame residing in the city is proof enough to explain the quaint relationship between the city and the music.Even the term was coined on a radio hour in the city. David Bowie and James Gang are the treasures of the Cleveland because they have rightfully made the city a home for rock and roll enthusiasts.

The Sweet Brews Of The City Are The Best

Cleveland is known for its extreme winters. But do you know what helps Clevelanders beat the cold? It’s the locally produced sweet brews that helped the city become the 11th most hungover city. It offers the best craft beer in the entirety of the United States. The Christmas Ale from the Great Lakes Brewing Company is most have for everyone who happens to visit the city, even for a few hours.

The Irish Love The Polish Boys
Clevelands love for corned beef is an extremely well documented fact. But what most people don’t know about is the gem called ‘Polish Boy’s.  Clevelanders love this ridiculously named, delicious sandwich that is almost the favorite food of the entire city. The food has made it to Food Network’s Best foods list too! The almost green city on St Patricks Day just can’t stop indulging on Polish boys.

Clevelanders Know Winters Like No Others
The worst of winters for everyone around the country concludes as a reason of giggles for a Clevelander. The winter months bring the fluffiest white snow and an immense level of bitter cold. The horrific cold is such a norm for the city that the residents make it to school and even work, ploughing through copious amounts of snow.

The Theatres And Fashion Are Important To The People
New York City and Low Angeles may be the city of dreams for those who wish to make it big in Hollywood but what the people don’t know is that Cleveland too is a hot spot for agencies. Cleveland Fashion Week is the third largest fashion show in America. The city houses the second largest theater in the country while giving the best shows. The well dressed and artistically sophisticated population of the city is purely classy.

Sports Make Clevelanders Happy
Cleveland may not have won stinking trophies since 1964 but their spirit of appreciation for sports hasn’t waned even the tiniest bit. The city is the home for Browns, Cavaliers and even the Indians. The devotion of the fans is still as golden as it was in the 1990s. The city has always loved NFL and would love to see Forrest City sport back to its glory!