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October 2009
September 2009
August 2009

June 2009
I found the kit online - I love this Wisteria Collection by BG.

May 2009
Same LO, but not BG paper

April 2009
Not the same LO nor the papers suggested

March 2009
This is the layout that got me hooked or to fall for Basic Grey.
It took me very, very long and a lot of searching to finally find the paper to create this LO.

February 2009
No kit available - used hand made paper purchased at Costco
January 2009
No kit available so I went hunting for the paper all over the place to create.
Title Page
I did find the kit on a online store.

If you wish to recreate any of this pages, email me and I will share the instructions and the supplies needed to accomplish the task at scrapabookaholic at hotmail dot com

I LOVE BASIC GREY! and the work of Kelly Goree and Becky Fleck!
Just a few months ago (October 2009?) my BBF invited me to a scrapbook store. While at the scrapbook store I came across a two page layout that I really, really liked (at the time I did not know it was a BG POTM). I later started looking around the Internet and came across the same layout made by a different person, this time it included some information (cannot remember where) about being a POTM (had no idea at the time what that meant!). Anyway, I started searching! this time with a purpose! and came across Kelly Goree's same page!! on Scrapbook.com.  Mind you this is October or almost the end of this year long program.  Within 3 months I had figured what papers to use if the kit was not available or where to buy some of the available kits from ebay to many scrap stores on the Internet. 
Whitin 3 months I not only bought all the papers or kits, but finished my project!!!!  In the process I was able to introduce the paper to my BFF Abby (she fell in love too!) and my sisters too! 
Anyway, I just want to share my layouts a little at a time----